ZipZap mPOS can help increase your sales


Boost your business by offering your customers the convenience of an additional payment option.

Having a portable credit card machine – or mPOS as it’s known – that works wherever you do business means you can take payment with a debit or credit card anywhere, any time – and it also provides a back up to your traditional POS.

5 reasons to consider a mobile card machine from ZipZap for your business:

  • Boost sales – the ability to pay without cash encourages impulse purchases
  • Customer convenience – more people carry cards than cash
  • No risk of non-payment
  • Safe and inexpensive way to transact
  • Re-chargeable credit card machine with long battery life means you can take payment without relying on electricity

ZipZap can save you time and money

At a once-off cost of just R1 299 (plus an activation fee of R300) for a ZipZap WisePad you will get the ZipZap device delivered to directly your door.

5 reasons why ZipZap mPOS will save your business money:

  • Lowest transaction rates in South Africa at 2.75%
  • No monthly fees


  • Free app compatible with iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry
  • It doesn’t matter who you bank with
  • Best mPOS device in the market

*All prices exclude VAT

ZipZap is secure

ZipZap uses the latest in encryption technologies to ensure your credit card transactions are always safe and secure.

  • The ZipZap mobile card machine is fully compliant with international security standards and best practices
  • Mobile POS using ZipZap is certified and recommended by VISA and MasterCard
  • ZipZap is PCI compliant and using the latest in Point to Point encryption (P2PE)

ZipZap app is supported on multiple platforms

The ZipZap point-of-sale app is free and works on most mobile platforms and Windows desktop. You can download the app by visiting your smartphone’s app store or the links below and once paired with the ZipZap card reader, you can accept card payments easily.

ZipZap is supported on:

  • iOS – iPhones and iPads with iOS 8 or higher. Touch ID is also supported for ease of login.
  • Android – Android phones and tablets with Android 4.4.2. A four digit PIN is supported for ease of login.
  • Windows Mobile – Windows mobile phones and tablets with Windows Mobile 7 or higher.
  • Windows PCs, laptops and tablets – Windows PCs, laptops and tablets with Windows 7 or higher.
  • Blackberry is supported if required.

A ZipZap merchant account can operate on all platforms and can switch between platforms as required.