ZipZap mobile POS works with all banks and debit and credit cards

The ZipZap app can be downloaded for FREE from your smartphone’s app store or the ZipZap website.

You process the transaction through the app and your customer uses the separate card reader to swipe their debit or credit card and enter their PIN.

The secure card reader

The ZipZap card reader connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or your Windows computer via USB.

Payment information is encrypted using the latest payments technology and sent securely via point-to-point encryption to our PCI Level 1 certified gateway. This means that every transaction is safe and secure, protecting your business and its customers’ financial information.

Credit card payments

Paying on the ZipZap payment gateway is simple.

You enter an amount and description on the app and your customer swipes or inserts their card and enters their PIN on the secure mobile card machine. Your customer can choose to receive an email or SMS receipt. If required, we’ll capture their signature electronically on the app.

Sales history

A concise transaction history is available on your smartphone or computer (securely of course with no sensitive card data so your customers can rest easy).

You can also access your full transaction history on our secure gateway that is available whenever you need to track your transactions.

In addition, we will send you a monthly ZipZap statement showing the past six month’s worth of transactions.


Everything from signing up, transacting to reporting is well documented in a simple step-by-step guide for even the most novice users to follow in the app.

EFTPOS – the company behind ZipZap – has an experienced team of support professionals that have been assisting our existing customers for years.

Contact the team via email info@zipzap.co.za or call 0861 947 927 (ZIP ZAP).