The App

Sign up, download the App and begin transacting


  • The ZipZap app can be downloaded for FREE from your smartphone’s app store or the ZipZap website.
  • After downloading the app you can register and apply for a ZipZap card reader.
  • Once you have the cardreader, simply pair it with your smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth or connect the WisePad to your computer using the USB cable provided, and you are ready to accept card payments.
  • The transaction is initiated on the app by simply following the prompts and providing an amount and description of your choice (this will appear in your transaction reports).
  • Your customer can choose to receive either an email or SMS receipt which will be sent to them once the transaction has been processed.
  • The app supports regular purchases as well as void (reversal) transactions which you can use to cancel a transaction.
  • A full transaction history is available per day, per month and for all transactions.
  • Updates will be released with new functionality and enhancements on a regular basis.

Available on:

App Store                      Play store                         Blackberry World                    Windows Phone             Windows Desktop